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The Heart Fails Without Warning is Ruth Platt and Darko Stavrik's second film together. Adapted from the twice Booker Prize Winner Hilary Mantel's short story of the same name, the film is a sharply observed study of a family in decay, with anorexia as the external face of its breakdown. Painful and sometimes blackly comic, the film stars BAFTA nominated Maxine Peake, Nick Sidi, Antonia Richards and Martha Mackintosh. So far the film has been officially selected for Underwire 2013 [nominated] London Short Film Festival 2014, Raindance 2014, Aesthethica Film Festival 2014 and Palm Springs International ShortFest 2014. The film had a special screening at the BFI in conjunction with Bird's Eye View, with a Q&A afterwards with Mantel and Platt.